VO Edit By Design


  • Selecting of best takes.
  • Breath removal or breath muting.
  • Removal of mouth noise, clicks, & pops; whenever possible.
  • Editing A,B,C reads to create one or more presentations.


  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Vocal effects.
  • Bass and Treble balancing.
  • Customized EQ preset is available at an additional cost.
*We will work with you to determine the best overall EQ for your voice & we will apply it to all your audio.


Free audio storage for up to one month.
*Extended storage & off-site backup available at an additional cost.
We guarantee that your audio will be edited to your specifications and in accordance with your client's instructions and that it will be delivered on-time. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will re-edit the audio free of charge within reason.


We read along with copy to catch any errors made in recording.
We make sure the audio fits into the time allotted by the client.
*We will not time compress to make audio fit, ever.


Includes final audio sent either to you, your client, or both.

Voiceover Demos

We offer voiceover demo creation services in conjunction with VOCareer.com. Together we can offer you script selection, direction, and full production.

Demo prices start at $600. Contact us for more details.

Editing costs: $25 per hr. Pricing is available on a per project basis. IVR (phone prompts) begin as low as $1 per prompt fully edited